5 Things to Consider When Buying Art as a Gift

5 Things to Consider When Buying Art as a Gift

Gift-giving is an art in itself, and finding the perfect present can be daunting. While sales and discounts are tempting, sometimes a hastily purchased item just won't cut it. If you want to show someone you genuinely care, consider giving them the gift of art. It's a timeless gesture that will leave a lasting impression and brighten any space. But before you embark on your art-buying journey, there are a few things to keep in mind.


It doesn't have to be expensive.

Before setting foot in a gallery or browsing for art online, it's essential to consider your budget. Art may not be the most conventional of gifts, and it can cost more than your typical present. But the price doesn't matter as much as the thought behind it. It's best to set a budget and ask your art dealer for pieces that fit within your price range. The value of art is not just in its monetary equivalent.

While original works have a higher value (and may cost more), prints are also ideal gift ideas, especially if you're buying for multiple people. Edition prints can be an easy option, but picking suitable artwork for each person is essential to provide a personalised feel.


How will they like it?

Before making a purchase, remember that the artwork is for someone else. While your taste matters, it's best to consider the recipient's taste first. Will they appreciate this aesthetic? Is it something you'd like to introduce to them? If you know the person well, you'll know the suitable artwork when you see it. If you're unsure, go with your gut. Trust your aesthetic. Chances are, they'll appreciate it because you've thought long and hard about it.


Does it fit?

Art takes up space and needs to be stored, so it's essential to consider whether the piece you're buying will fit in their home or office. Try to assess if the artwork will complement the interior of their space or if it's neutral enough to fit anywhere. If you're worried about size, buying small pieces will be easier for them to place wherever they want.

Go the extra mile while you're at it.

Buying unframed art may cost less, but it's best if the artwork is already framed. This will make it easier for the recipient to display it. You may also include a few details about the artist and the artwork on a note. The Certificate of Authenticity should be included as well.


There are no right or wrong gifts.

The beauty of gift-giving is that it signals the beginning of a new adventure for the recipient, no matter the price or size of the gift. Art is a timeless gift anyone will appreciate, so don't worry too much about it and follow your instincts. When you take a risk, you'll realise there's more to discover.

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