Certificates of Authenticity and Edition numbers

Our authentication process is the foundation of everything we do. We take pride in securing all of our pieces through direct relationships with our artists, ensuring that you receive only the finest artworks.

We only stock pieces that we love, and once we have commissioned an artwork, we put it through rigorous checks before sending it out to you. Our checks include;

- verifying that the artwork matches the description online.

- the artwork correct size (approximately), and is made of the specified materials.

- Additionally, we ensure that the artist has signed or numbered the piece (where applicable).

- The artwork is free of damage.

Once we complete this meticulous process, we issue a certificate of authenticity that includes all the details of the artwork and an accompanying tamper-proof EDIT1ONS branded secondary sticker.

The certificate has a unique number that links directly to our database, and the secondary sticker on your framed artwork also has a direct link to your certificate.

This direct trail ensures that in the unlikely event that you need proof of your purchase or the authenticity of your artwork, we can trace it back to the original creator, giving you complete peace of mind.

Certificate security features

Our certificates have two levels of security:

The certificate

The certificate itself is printed with an intricate pattern that is visible to the eye, and it also features a holographic tamper-proof sticker.

Secondary sticker

The secondary tamper-proof sticker is designed to correlate back to the main certificate, making it nearly impossible to replicate or falsify.

*Please remember not to affix this sticker directly to your artwork to avoid damage.

With EDIT1ONS, you can be confident that you are receiving authentic artwork from trusted sources. Our authentication process ensures that every artwork we sell is genuinely unique and of the highest quality.



The prints are supplied unframed but please do not hesitate to contact us for advice on framing. We can provide information on the artist’s recommended framing options and details to consider when approaching your local professional framer.


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