Artist spotlight for Alpy 🔦

Artist spotlight for Alpy 🔦

Who is Alpy?

Alessandra is an Italian artist and graphic designer who was born and raised in Naples. She has worked in various cities, including Milan and London, where she currently resides. As a full-time designer, Alessandra feels the need to detoxify herself from the digital world. She uses painting as a medium to re-establish a material connection. Her works can be divided into two categories: "Harmony of Elements," in which she seeks visual balance between shapes and colours, and "Clash of Elements," in which the artist paints and then cuts her works, reassembling them to create new visual narratives. Geometric shapes, abstract shapes, letters, and colour combinations are the main subjects of her works.


How did you get into making art?

It was a natural process for me. Since I was a child, I was surrounded by brushes and canvases as my parents are both restorers. I usually struggle with words and instead I prefer to express myself through painting and drawing. For this reason, I attended the Artistic High School in Naples, which greatly shaped me as a person.


What’s your artistic process and how do you find inspiration?

I don't follow a specific process to find inspiration. Sometimes ideas come to me while I'm traveling, or before going to bed. Other times, I look back at my sketchbook for ideas that I couldn't produce before, I like to call them “suspended” ideas. Going to museums and immersing myself in nature remain my primary sources of inspiration and reflection.


What motivates you to create?

There are several factors that motivate me to create. One of the main reasons is that creating art allows me to express myself in ways that words alone cannot. During the process of creating, I experience a sense of freedom and release that is difficult to replicate in other areas of my life. Moreover, creating art helps me to process my thoughts and daily experiences. Overall, creating art is an extension of who I am and an integral part of my identity.


Is there a specific environment or material that's integral to your work?

Not really, but there are definitely some materials and mediums that I prefer. For example, I like using paper because it allows me to cut and create collages. I also prefer acrylic colours because they dry quickly, allowing me to immediately see if an idea works or not. Additionally, they do not require toxic solvents for cleaning brushes, as water and soap are sufficient, which is good for personal health and the planet. I also like to paint in natural sunlight, as I am particular about colours and dislike making incorrect colour choices due to inadequate lighting.


Professionally, what’s your goal or dream commission?

My professional goal is to continue creating and exhibiting my art, while also collaborating with other artists and designers. My dream commission would be to create patterns and textures for fashion and interior design firms, as I find great joy in designing work that can be applied to various mediums.


Can you tell us the story around some of the pieces on EDIT1ONS?

Pink & Red 1/2 and Pink & Red 2/2 is a series of two collages that communicate with each other. The series is meant for different people who will be symbolically linked to each other through my works.

Both collages feature two letters, N and L, which are the initials of the cities that represent my past and present: Naples and London. The letters are part of a typeface I designed called "Spaghetti type," which was inspired by old Italian western films and painted in a pink and red colour scheme.


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